Anneke McCabe


Couples therapy/counselling

Couples therapy can be the better option if your problems are primarily concerning your intimate relationship with your partner. For example, there may be sexual problems, ongoing conflict, issues related to trust, or you may need help in retrieving, separating or ending the relationship. Therapy will focus on understanding the current situation, the history of the relationship, and the patterns from early childhood that are being reactivated for both partners. We will work together to help you to recover, and to develop a healthier and more satisfying relationship.

First appointment

We will start by meeting two-to-one for at least one or two appointments in which I will primarily listen to what you tell me about yourselves and your relationship’s problems, in order for me to get a picture of your background and what you might need help with. This is a two-way assessment process, in which we need to identify what kind of therapy (including individual, couple or group) would be helpful for you, and whether we think that we can work well together. If we conclude that you would benefit more from a different type of therapy I could then advise you on who to contact. If we agree that I am not the best therapist for you, then I would try to recommend a suitable colleague for you.

Anneke McCabe

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